Misc. Post: If the shoe fits… A new interactive solution revolutionalizes the perfect fit!

  *image on behalf of coloribus.com

Marketing is only half of the challenge for apparel brands. If they are able to successfully attract consumers to their product, then the next critical step is to make sure their product fits. However, we all know the size on the tag has little to do with how an item will fit.

Recently, I read in an AdAge.com  article how an exciting new device from BodyMetrics could help consumers find products that fit them best. It could also help companies better design clothes that they know will fit their target market. Check out a video.

It seems like this new technology could close the current gap with online shopping; someone’s going to be more likely to buy online if they know the item will work with their body type, without having to try it on. I also see many possibilities with how this new technology could be used more in interactive marketing; a “virtual dressing room” or “see it in the mirror”.

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