Misc. Post: A noodle that really stuck… ~Suggested Reading

In a previous post, I referred the website She-conomy. Since then there have been several fascinating blog posts and articles published on this site. It’s really a must read!

In particular, one of their recent posts offered interesting insights on how to effectively market to women via social. Take a look!

12 Hurdles Male Marketers Must Clear To Successfully Market To Women With Social Media

The article highlights “12 Mistakes Male Marketers Continue to Make When Marketing to Women With Social Media”. What, men making mistakes? I joke, of course.

In addition to the intriguing posts, the website also offers a wealth of information about women as consumers and what this means for marketing strategies.

~Let me know if this noodle sticks!

 *image courtesy of realbollywood.com


Misc. Post: Not just any noodle!

I found this image and thought it was not only relevant to the title of this blog, but also relates to a key strategy in marketing. ~To take something conventional and find an unconventional way to market it, via a unique image or a unique message. To be a successful marketer you must find a breakthrough strategy that differeniates your brand and your message.

Misc. Post: Just Dazzled by ShoeDazzle.com

Emma, my seven-year old daughter, just told me about this cool website shoedazzle.com. She had seen a TV commercial and lead me to their website. She even knew the secret pink shoe to click on for a special offer.

Their approach is fascinating. They have you take a shoe personality test of sorts. 24 hours after you submit the questionnaire, they have a personalized shoe boutique created for you.

They welcomed me, by sending an e-mail that included a 20% coupon for my first purchase from my personalized shoe showroom. I haven’t seen what they’ve created for me yet, but I’m definitely intrigued to see how well they match products from their assortment with my style and preferences.

MyHabit.com uses a similar approach, but ShoeDazzle seems much more tailored. I’ll let you know what I think, after I see the items they put in my showroom.


Hopefully you will find the postings here interesting enough that they stick with you and compel you to comment. ~Just like when pasta sticks to the wall, when it’s fully cooked. 

Misc. Post: Off to a rocky start!

Today, was the first day of class. All day I felt anxious. I was convinced I needed to call a plumber for all the grumbling going on in my belly. To make myself feel better I showed super early for class. As the class time neared, no one else showed up. It was 30 minutes before class, then 15 minutes and then it was time for class to start and I was all alone. It turns out I was in the wrong spot for class.

LESSON: Check your e-mail before the first day of class. Then double and triple check the location for the class.

How embarassing!