About the Noodler

Who I Am = Mother, Wife,  Daughter, Friend, Student, Manager, Mentor, Parishioner, Volunteer

What I enjoy = My Family, Time with Friends, Golfing, Swimming, Writing, Volunteering, Being Creative, Communications, Planning, Organizing, Fashion, Art

What Describes Me = Creative, Inquisitive, Outgoing, Strategic

My Career = E-Commerce, Search, Product Management, Project Management, Business Process Engineering, Usability, User Experience, Web Analytics, Team Leader

Moments That Have Defined Me = Getting married, having my daughter and son, finding out my dad had ALS, saying goodbye and losing my dad, losing weight and (Future) graduating with my degree

Dreams and Aspirations = To write a book, go deep see fishing, travel to Africa, retire and be able to volunteer full time

Personal Quotes =

“You won’t know if a noodle is fully cooked, unless you try it!” 

“You won’t know what life holds, unless you live!”

“There is much more opportunity in failure, then in success.”


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