Post #4: Who won Superbowl XLVI?

…When it comes to the ads that is. Sunday’s famous game has become more infamous for the game that’s played off the field, by players in suits, not jerseys. With that, there seems to be just as much armchair quarterbacking related to the plays being called by Madison Avenue than the ones where a ball was thrown. –So what were the armchairs of America saying about this year’s “game”? 

Based on the New York Times article there wasn’t a clear winner. For ads that were the most liked in one poll, they were the most disliked in another. The article also highlighted how the social space has changed the face of Sunday’s big ad game. Most of the ads made their way to the web, long before kick off happened. 

While there may have not been one clear MVP this year, here are some of the top playmakers that have been called out; M&M’s, Skechers, Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt and Honda. There were also some ads that should have perhaps stayed on the bench; Lexus, Century 21, General Electric,, Toyota, Cadillac, Hulu and Go Daddy.

Besides being sick of my football analogies, what’s your vote?


4 comments on “Post #4: Who won Superbowl XLVI?

  1. Toni says:

    The one I thought was most compelling was the Chrysler ad. I can’t even imagine what a two minute time slot would have cost. Let’s hope there’s some marketing ROI!

  2. Great use of an outside resource.

  3. jaebach says:

    M&M’s and the eTrade baby…. LOVE!

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