Misc. Post: Just Dazzled by ShoeDazzle.com

Emma, my seven-year old daughter, just told me about this cool website shoedazzle.com. She had seen a TV commercial and lead me to their website. She even knew the secret pink shoe to click on for a special offer.

Their approach is fascinating. They have you take a shoe personality test of sorts. 24 hours after you submit the questionnaire, they have a personalized shoe boutique created for you.

They welcomed me, by sending an e-mail that included a 20% coupon for my first purchase from my personalized shoe showroom. I haven’t seen what they’ve created for me yet, but I’m definitely intrigued to see how well they match products from their assortment with my style and preferences.

MyHabit.com uses a similar approach, but ShoeDazzle seems much more tailored. I’ll let you know what I think, after I see the items they put in my showroom.


4 comments on “Misc. Post: Just Dazzled by ShoeDazzle.com

  1. jaebach says:

    I’ve been to this site and registered. I love it because seriously, it tells me what I like and want without my knowing what I like and want. Prices are reasonable, too for what I would spend on a pair of shoes. Love!

  2. Toni Foster says:

    This is fantastic! Ever since I became a Sex in the City fan years ago, I have been hooked on shoes so I’m definitely going to check this out. What a great marketing strategy – interesting how personalized it really is and if it’s all automated in the background or if there is manual effort that goes into setting up each customer. If that is the case, it could certainly become cost prohibitive long term.

  3. Alena Finsky says:

    I am interested in hearing if it’s predictions are accurate!

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