Misc. Post: Off to a rocky start!

Today, was the first day of class. All day I felt anxious. I was convinced I needed to call a plumber for all the grumbling going on in my belly. To make myself feel better I showed super early for class. As the class time neared, no one else showed up. It was 30 minutes before class, then 15 minutes and then it was time for class to start and I was all alone. It turns out I was in the wrong spot for class.

LESSON: Check your e-mail before the first day of class. Then double and triple check the location for the class.

How embarassing!

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3 comments on “Misc. Post: Off to a rocky start!

  1. bjkorte says:

    I love the name/concept for your blog. Very clever! Too bad about your first day of class. Looks like you’ll have the blogging part down, though.

  2. Toni Foster says:

    Sorry to hear that you were nervous about the first day of class – I have to admit, I’m always a little anxious too. Never know exactly what to expect, if I’ve prepared enough, and what the professor will be like. I think this will be a really fun class and I look forward to being in class with you.

  3. The same thing happened to me for one class that had been moved without being announced. I think I made it in the nick of time!

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